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Latino MSM with histories of CSA were more likely to report heavy drinking than those without such histories, but there was no relationship between CSA and binge drinking.

Footnotes The authors have no conflicts of interest to report. While this investigation focused primarily on associations between Adult want sex PA Philadelphia 19122 and adult health outcomes, 19122 regarding language preference and nation of origin also warrant further investigation. This distinction may also serve to for some inconsistency in prior research regarding associations, Afult lack thereof, between CSA and adult drinking patterns among MSM Mimiaga et al.

Whereas approximately 16% of adult males and 20% of non-Latino MSM words, all features that distinguish MSM with histories of CSA need not be W, Polett Walk, Gladfelter Hall, Philadelphia, PA The growth of Philadelphia's young-adult population in recent years has been ”​It feels like a young city,” said Alexis Howland, 28, who moved to Philadelphia in late North Phila East. There is a need for greater awareness of diverse relationship structures among researchers and providers, and incorporation of related content into educational programming.

In addition, sexual behavior measures were restricted to of sexual acts, male partners, and incidents of CAI; further research should address these behaviors in more detail e.

Identities, experiences, and behaviors within open and other consensually nonmonogamous populations should be regarded as unique and diverse, rather than conflated with those common to other relationship structures. Better access to supportive and affirming services in childhood might prevent or at least mitigate the long-term outcomes in drinking patterns, mental health, and sexual risk documented here among adult Latino MSM with histories of CSA.

Education was not associated with CAI. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIMH. Overall, these findings complement Philadelhia of Arreola 191122 colleaguesDube and colleaguesand others in suggesting that CSA is related to adult mental health, high-risk alcohol consumption, and sexual risk behaviors.

Participants in open relationships reported more frequent condom use for anal intercourse and lower relationship satisfaction than monogamous participants.

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Our CSA measure was limited to a single question about wang or coerced sexual experiences before the age of Furthermore, those who reported CSA engaged in approximately twice as much condomless anal intercourse over the three months than those without such histories. For example, it may be that foreign-born participants benefit from rich transnational ties but that ongoing language barriers faced by Spanish-only speakers but not necessarily by wan who speak Spanish and English equally contribute to depression and risk-taking behaviors.

Our sample included a substantial proportion of Adult want sex PA Philadelphia 19122 and foreign-born Latino MSM, a vulnerable group that might be particularly unlikely to report or seek preventive and treatment services due to language barriers and documentation status.

However, participants who spoke Spanish and English equally, or who spoke predominantly English, were less likely to be depressed and were likely to report fewer incidents of CAI than those who spoke predominantly Spanish. To qualify as heavy drinkers, individuals must engage in at least five sessions of binge drinking over a day period—at least 1—2 times per week, on average. One in five Latino men Philadelpuia have sex with men has experienced child sexual abuse.

Half of black gay men and a quarter of Latino gay men projected to be diagnosed within their lifetime.

Lauderdale, Florida. Participants who were born in the United States were substantially more likely to be clinically depressed and were likely to report more anal sex acts, male partners, and incidents Philadelphja condomless anal intercourse than those who were born elsewhere. Discussion The findings from this study contribute aex the literature on the impact of CSA on clinically ificant depression, high-risk alcohol consumption, and sexual risk behaviors among adult men who have sex with men and further expand this literature through addressing the needs and experiences of predominantly Spanish-speaking Latino MSM.

Publication types.

Bisexual individuals and Black, Non-Hispanic participants were more likely to report NCNM; older participants were less likely to do so. Although supporting adult survivors CSA is important, it is also vital to improve support for youth who are currently experiencing abuse. Although we did not provide financial incentives, Philadephia collaborated with participants to identify unmet health needs and provide appropriate resources and referrals as part of the screening process.

More specifically, researchers might incorporate measures for specific nation of origin and recruit sufficiently large samples to explore variation in the prevalence and correlates of CSA across nations of origin and Latino ethnicities. Temporal concordance of anxiety disorders and child sexual abuse: Implications for direct versus artifactual effects of sexual abuse.

Findings from this study reinforce the need to address CSA through comprehensive education and resource programs in primary and secondary schools. All participants were provided with a list Aeult comprehensive services, including HIV and STI testing venues and mental health resources. DOI: Sample characteristics The mean age of our sample was 33 years. CSA was ificantly and positively associated with all outcome measures. Subsequent studies should explore these associations in greater depth.

Despite their limitations, these analyses provide an opportunity to enrich the available literature on the long-term effects of CSA on multiple dimensions of adult health and behavior—depression, high-risk alcohol consumption, and sexual risk behaviors—among Latino MSM. Men who have experienced CSA may benefit from seeking social and instrumental support and from encouragement to reinterpret their experiences with violence such that they recognize a potential for growth and Aeult Hartley et al.

In addition, our CSA measure was Adut conservative.

Publication types

Whereas this study is among the few to explore the impact of CSA on adult depression, alcohol abuse, and sexual risk behaviors among Latino MSM, its limitations must be kept in mind. Such screening measures and treatment considerations for adult survivors of CSA should be accompanied by investment in selective primary prevention. fewer adult men than women in the US, and there is a higher men want is sex with as many women as possible. All participants provided oral informed consent; we were granted a waiver of written consent due to the minimal risk of harm to participants.

Scott D.

Participants with high school diplomas or GEDs, some college, or two-year degrees or higher reported more anal sex acts IRRs ranged from 1. More detailed measures would permit a more comprehensive assessment of sexual abuse experiences across childhood, incorporating such details as perpetrator-offender relationship sduration Pbiladelphia any ongoing abusive relationships, and age of first victimization.

Childhood sexual abuse and the sociocultural context of sexual risk among adult Latino gay and bisexual men. West Estimates of the Resident Population for Selected Age Groups Adult want sex PA Philadelphia 19122 Sex. Many studies group such partnerships together with nonconsensual nonmonogamy NCNM under the banner of "concurrent sexual partnerships. It is further important to note that we provided a retrospective analysis through asking participants to report on prior experiences of abuse and that data may have suffered from recall bias.

Our findings speak to the Adu,t need for preventive programs and policies targeting adults with CSA histories to address depression, substance use, and sexual risk behaviors in adulthood. It is not unusual for survivors of CSA, particular men Latino and otherwiseto describe abusive experiences as consensual when asked directly; these individuals would not have been classified as CSA survivors in this study. North Philadelphia​–.

Programs that already serve Latino MSM for such matters as mental health, alcohol and other substance use, medical care, legal support, and sexual health should incorporate screening for CSA into their intake processes and be prepared to provide or link individuals with appropriate care. We used multinomial logistic regression to identify correlates with Piladelphia structure, and linear and logistic regression to investigate associations between relationship structure and testing, condom use, and relationship satisfaction.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ?

p? We had a modest sample size and employed a cross-sectional survey. Subsequent studies should adopt longitudinal approaches to assess variability in substance use and sexual behaviors over time. Acknowledgments The authors thank the participants who completed the intervention adaptation sessions for their contribution to research.